“And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’”  

-Mark 16:15

Heart FELT

Filling Empty Little Tummies

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St. Paul’s has been providing food to needy children at Calvert Elementary School since October 2013. What a wonderful project that involves many people and reaches many people. We have grown from helping 12 children in 2013 to now serving 45 children each week. The children and families who will receive the backpacks will receive many benefits.



  • When there is adequate nutrition, the children will be more available to learn and will be able to focus on their learning. They will not be worried about where the next meal will come from.
  • They will have an increased sense of security with the knowledge that food will always be present.
  • It will encourage independence in the children.
  • The children will spend more time in the classroom than in the Health Room. The health of the children will improve.  There will be less dehydration and less illness. The children will grow at the same rate as their peers instead of being malnourished.
  • Negative behaviors will decrease. There will be less manipulation of behaviors to obtain food. This will increase the amount of time in the classroom instead of being in the office.
  • There will be a decrease in hoarding to spread the food out across the school day and the stealing of food from other children. More food will be consumed at the mealtime instead of saving the food for later.
  • The family will benefit as a whole with less pressure and guilt that food is present in the household.

Each week we pack the back packs with donated food and deliver them to the school on Friday morning. The following week the empty backpacks are picked up and refilled. St Paul’s is sending out about 1,000 lbs of food each week to hungry children. This program is possible because the congregation has fully supported it with prayer, monetary donations, food donations, and time.

Calvert’s Heart FELT program is now in all of the 13 elementary schools. There are plans in place to expand to the middle schools. With the help of many, St. Paul’s now has a Heart FELT pantry in the parish house to manage this program. Numerous people have help with this outstanding outreach program.

Consider coming out to help pack back packs, shop for kid friendly food or give monetary donations to allow this program to continue. Working together we will continue to help to feed children in need.

Nancy Porter

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