From the rising of the sun to its going down The Lord’s name is to be praised..’”  

Psalm 113:3

The History of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

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Anglican Church established


Re-establish American Denomination


Episcopal Church Established


Church Begins
Prince Frederick to get an Episcopal Church


Construction Begins
1st. Service


Bishop consecrates the church.


Rectory and Glebe purchased


Fire in Prince Frederick
Rectory distroyed


Second Parish House Built


The New Parish House Built


St. Paul's Remains the 2nd oldest building in Prince Frederick
building sign
church circa 1900
church sign
Linden House
St. Paul's Episcopal Church


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Since 1841, a community of believers have been worshipping on this site. Whether Chesapeake-native or new to the county people have found St. Paul’s to be a spirit-fed place. The present congregation has an emphasis on combining hospitality with community service. In 1992, the congregation raised over $1 million to build the Parish House, a large meeting and banquet facility to provide a place for the community to gather. Religion has been a strong element in the history of Maryland and especially Calvert County.


As a British colony, the Church of England (Anglican Church) was formally established here in the 1690s. After the American Revolution, with the return of Anglican clergy to England, it took a number of years to re-establish an American denomination following the traditions of the Anglican Church. In 1792, the Episcopal Church in America was finally established.

As the town of Prince Frederick and the area grew, the need for a church in the county seat became increasingly evident. In 1840, it was determined that a new Episcopal parish should be established in the town center. On March 1, 1841, the new church was organized, a vestry was elected, and they chose the name “St. Paul’s” for the parish.

Construction began in 1842 under the supervision of Dr. James Duke. Bricks used to build the church were fired in a kiln located on the site. On Christmas Day, 1842, the first service was held in St. Paul’s Church. The Rt. Rev. William R. Whittingham, fourth Bishop of Maryland, consecrated St. Paul’s Church on October 10, 1848. And, in 1856, a Rectory and glebe (land used for the maintenance of the church) of ninety acres was purchased.

On March 3, 1882, the Great Fire swept through Prince Frederick, leaving almost every building in ashes. The courthouse was destroyed and a temporary courthouse was set up in the Rectory. In June of that year, a second fire destroyed the Rectory. Miraculously, the direction from which the wind was blowing saved St. Paul’s Church from harm. These fires left St. Paul’s the oldest public building in Prince Frederick. Through the years St. Paul’s has remained a place of worship and fellowship for Calvert County. Today church facilities are used by numerous groups for enrichment, self-help, and recreation. St. Paul’s strives to preserve its rich history and at the same time reaches forward to new generations and possibilities.

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