SERVICE TIMESchurch-organ

Sunday Worship 8 a.m. (Traditional spoken Rite I) 10 a.m. (Rite II with Music)

Sunday School: 

4th – 5th graders, Junior High and Senior High                9:15 am – 10:15 am

2 years old – 3rd grader                                                     10:00 am – 11:00am


“Handicapped Parking is available in the main parking lot, directly in front of the church.”

Limited parking is available in front of the church with additional parking across the street.


Dress is casual.  We think it’s important for you to join us and want you to be comfortable.


Coming to a new church for the first time can be intimidating but we want you to know we WELCOME YOU TO ST. PAUL’S.  It’s a good idea to arrive a few minutes early so you can be seated and settle in before the service begins.  You will be greeted at the door and given the days bulletin.  This will help you follow along during the service.

Our church has bench seating (pews) and you are welcome to sit anywhere you would like. You will find  black copies of the Book of Common Prayer, sometimes called the Prayerbook or the BCP. This book has various portions of the service in it. Your bulletin will give you page numbers to find those sections. You will also probably see a red book called “The Hymnal 1982” which has lots of music in it. The hymn numbers are also posted on a Hymnal Board, in the front of the church on the right side of the altar. Sometimes there are supplemental music pieces handed out in the bulletin as well.

The Church Steeple Bell will be rung to announce the start of the Service. This is followed by the Opening Hymn. The servers process to the altar during the opening hymn.

The Liturgy of the Word

A general rule of thumb is to “Sit for readings (except Gospel) and Stand for Prayer.” Please feel free to use the bulletin as a guide. Members of the assembly usually read the first two readings. The psalm is normally said or sung by everyone.

The Rector will leave the altar and move to the front of the pews to read the Gospel. For this reading, we stand. These readings are based on the life of Jesus Christ, on which our faith is based. Following the Gospel is the sermon. We are seated for this. During the sermon what was read from the Gospel is applied to our lives today.  It is meant to teach us how to live a proper Christian life.

The sermon is followed by the Nicene Creed, an ancient statement of faith used by most Christian churches which binds us together with Christians of all generations.“The Nicene Creed is followed by the Prayers of the People.

The Prayers of the People is followed with the exchange of the Peace. We greet each other with a handshake (friends exchange a hug) and state, “Peace be with you.” The response to the offering of peace is, “And also with you.” The peace is followed by the announcements of happening in and around the Church.

The announcements follow the sign of peace.

Communion: The Liturgy (the offering, receiving communion)


A collection of money is taken at this point. Often a piece of music is sung or played while the collection is being taken.  The bread and wine we will use for communion and the money that has been collected are brought to the Altar Table which is prepared for Communion.

Eucharistic Prayer

Everyone stands for the Eucharistic prayer. “This is a symbolic recreation of the Last Supper of Jesus and his apostles.” The Rector prays and praises God over the Eucharist. At the end of the Eucharistic prayer, everyone prays the Lord’s Prayer. Once the bread and wine are ready the presider invites everyone to the meal.

Receiving Communion

Everyone is welcome to participate in Holy Communion at St. Paul’s.  St. Paul’s offers non-alcoholic wine and gluten-free bread at Communion. St. Paul’s offers non-alcoholic wine and gluten-free bread at Communion. People come forward and the Rector presents them with bread. The person is then offered wine, which they may either sip or dip their bread in the wine. After Communion you can return to your seat.

After Communion (giving thanks, being sent forth)

After everyone has finished with Communion we will recite a Post Communion Prayer which is found in the Prayer Book. The Rector will ask God to bless us. We will sing our last song and then we are dismissed.