Outreach Programs

Regardless of age or background, the people of St. Paul’s give hands and feet to their faith through word and action, reaching out to our neighbors to provide assistance or even just a safe place. Some of our work includes supporting community based programs such as:


Heart FELT – “Feeding Empty Little Tummies” Heart F.E.L.T., Filling Empty Little Tummies, is a Christian based Outreach Ministry designed to feed children on the weekends, when they can often go hungry. With this program, churches team with elementary schools in Calvert County to feed hungry school children where free or reduced lunch programs cannot, namely on the weekends. They do this by providing food to students in backpacks, which the children pick up on the Thursday or Friday before the weekend. The backpacks are non-descript so they don’t embarrass the child.

safe nightSafe Nights
–For the eighth year, the parish hall was turned into a homeless
shelter. We’ve had guests stay for seven nights. We had overnight guests with us and a dinner, breakfast and bagged lunch was provided for all. For the sixth year, we have provided Safe Sundays/Holiday Mondays for all guests of Safe Nights once a month. This program provides them with a place to rest & relax between changes in residential sites for the week or on a holiday when many community services are closed. While at St. Paul’s the guests are able to use the shower facilities, if desired. This program was been under the guidance of Jayne Roxey .

Project ECHO
– St. Paul’s continues to provide dinner on the third Wednesday of each month to the homeless shelter. The number of food-bowl, giving to project echopeople in the shelter has increased to approximately 45 men, woman & children. The people at St. Paul’s who provided meals at the shelter were Greg & Gloria Brittain; Jayne Roxey; Billy O’Neill & Dana Krohnert; Judy Smack, Terry Schreiber & Cheryl Hall; Jeff Sturdevant; Bill & Linda Santiff; Ken  Barbara Brown; Liz Prouty-Due & Susan Yoe; Joel Signor; David & Nance Porter, Joyce/Art Wittig & Bill/Dotty Dorsey; and the youth group. Many thanks to all from St. Paul’s who provided food for Project Echo.

School Supplies Donation – August 2014 found St Paul’s collecting school supplies for needy children. Our donations were given to school-suppliesSMILE organization who provided them to those in need in the local community.


Reading Camp Calvert (Maryland) – Each summer since 2013, Reading Camp Calvert has served 22-31 elementary school students who struggle with reading, stem summer reading loss and develop a love of reading. Studies have shown that if children are not proficient readers by the end of fourth grade, they will be more likely to drop out of school and many will become behavior problems as they seek to hide their difficulties with reading.

Community Ministry of Calvert County – The local churches in the center of the county have joined together to provide guidance, suuport our ministryfinancial help and referral service to those in need. Several members of St. Paul’s volunteer to work at the local center. St. Paul’s also provides a yearly contribution to this community effort.

Card Ministry
– St. Paul’s parishioners receive greeting cards throughout the year to acknowledge special occasions. Mary Dindinocard sending ministry continues to handle this program for us. Thank you, Mary, for your willingness to reach out to our parish family with cards and reminding them that they are loved by St. Paul’s.

Wounded Warriors
– In November, as we celebrated Veteran’s Day, St. Paul’s provided poppies. Members were asked for contributions wounded warriorand to use the poppies to extend the awareness of Veterans Day. Money raised was sent to Wounded Warriors organization.


Building Use – Many organizations, especially non-profits, and the county use our wonderful facilities here at St. Paul’s. For those St. Paul's Churchorganizations that we allow to use the facilities at no cost, this is also an outreach of the church.


Food Distribution – Several times this year St. Paul’s has been the hub of activity in our parking lot when we were distributing free food distribution ministryproduce to all in need. Members of all ages and other churches came to help with this wonderful project. Many thanks are given to Joel Davis for overseeing this very worthwhile project. St. James reminded us to be doers of the Word and Jesus showed us the way. The parish of St. Paul’s follows this road of discipleship living.

dress for successDress for Success Clothes Closet – Calvert County Commission for Women is celebrating their 40th Anniversary serving women and girls in our community. One of their initiatives is housed right here at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. It is called “Dress for Success Clothes Closet”. They accept clean professional women’s clothing donations and distribute them for FREE in the community. Our goal is to assist women look and feel good in the work place by providing the donated clothing. Please share this wonderful resource with others. It is by appointment only.

Recovery Groups- St. Paul’s is able to offer space for a number of 12 Step and Support groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon. Follow the links for meeting times, and other resources, or check out our church calendar.


Contact us for Volunteer Opportunities or to Donate to any of these community services