“”A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.”  

-Luke 6:40

Notes from our rector Rev. Joanna White:


The contrast between Advent in the church and the Christmas atmosphere everywhere else is startling!  Halls are being decked absolutely everywhere else but in the sanctuary.  That is the whole point.  The church itself is the last refuge of the concept of a holy waiting.  Our theme this year is about waiting and how difficult it has been for many in history as well as our own time.  God willing, we will be able to do it all justice as well as provide a sense of countercultural serenity in the midst of the activity.

However, the Sunday School will be a hot bed of preparation.  Not only are they doing the Christmas bulletins but preparing for the pageant as well.  Every child is welcome to participate in those activities.  Regardless of how long you have been here, you are all welcome!

Outside the church, enjoy everything and every minute.  I’m hoping that we all get through this season without the usual complaints of a “war on Christmas.”  This is absolute nonsense.  No one can declare war on Christmas.  I don’t care if municipalities prohibit nativity displays or schools insist on references to the “Holiday Season.”  This doesn’t change our observance one bit and God won’t be insulted.  God is more invested in our keeping Christmas by striving for justice and in works of charity.  No one can take that away from us and if non-believers want to join in to make the world a better place, all the better.

If you want to keep Christ in Christmas, make a donation to Heart FELT, bring cookies to a lonely neighbor, visit the forgotten, provide food for those struggling…bring joy into the world.  Don’t get caught up with the negative.  Go out and enjoy all the lights and music.  Smile at folks in the mall and don’t worry that God will hurl lightning bolts at someone singing, “Grandma got run over by a reindeer.”  God has more important things to worry about.

Blessings everyone and enjoy the season! – Joanna

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