St. Paul’s Churchyard Cemetary dates back to mid-1800’s

St. Paul's ChurchSt. Paul’s Churchyard Cemetery dates back to the mid-1800’s and currently has over 780 identifiable occupied gravesites. In addition, approximately 100 persons are buried in the cemetery with no headstones and no records of their locations . Most of these are in the older, original part of the cemetery on either side of the church.

Of the remaining gravesites, 240 have been purchased and reserved for specific families of past or present Church members. Currently, 110 grave sites are available for purchase. Most of these 110 sites are in the back of the cemetery approximately one-half acre of land that was purchased and donated to St. Paul’s over 40 years ago by very generous church members, Margaret, and Boyd King. The Church also owns several acres of land on Dares Beach Road that were donated to the Church by another generous Church member, George Freeland. This land is referred to as The St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Cemetery Annex. There are 25 persons, largely members of Mr. Freeland’s family, buried in the Annex and 17 additional gravesites have been purchased. Many sites are available.

The Church is currently working on plans to establish a columbarium to accommodate those persons desiring a location within the cemetery for cremation urns.