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Please join us for the fun, creative, Christian experience of Sunday School.  Children enjoy bible crafts and Christian activities.

St. Paul’s Sunday School is committed to meeting the unique needs of all children and families through a safe, friendly, and trustworthy environment.  Our nursery children (ages 4 months – 5 years) are encouraged to learn in a way that is best for them – through play. Through free play supported by a story and an open-ended activity, the youngest members of our congregation develop relationships with their peers.

Children ages 5 – 8 years (Kindergarten – 2nd grade) participate in Sunday School lessons rich in storytelling, crafts, and active learning. Stories told primarily through Godly Play, a storytelling approach influenced by the work of Maria Montessori, gives children the ability to wonder about their connection to the biblical stories and traditions.

Godly Play stories are told to our oldest Sunday School class, children ages 8 – 10 years (3rd grade – 5th grade) and are combined with activities that connect us with the congregation and greater community.

Special all ages activities throughout the year – Pretzel Sunday, Christmas Pageant, Easter Egg Hunt, Lenten Family Night, movie nights, camping and other outings – keep our children and youth connected with each other and the adults in our congregation.

All children are welcome in the worship service at any time with our classes joining the congregation at the Peace.



4th – 5th graders, Junior High and Senior High                9:15 am – 10:15 am

2 years old – 3rd grader                                                     10:00 am – 11:00am

Important Dates
January 4 – No Sunday School
February 15 – No Sunday School
March 29 – No Sunday School
April 5 – Easter No Sunday School
May 10 – No Sunday School
May 24 – No Sunday School[/su_spoiler]